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3 Easy Steps to Help You Get a College Degree

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Arkansas’s only 100 percent-online institution from the University of Arkansas System, eVersity offers career-ready degrees taught by faculty from across the University of Arkansas System. You know the high-quality of the UA System’s five four-year universities and seven two-year colleges. Now imagine all of that rolled up into one convenient, affordable and 100 percent-online option designed to help you finish your degree in healthcare management, business, information technology, criminal justice or university studies.

With UA System support, eVersity was designed to help working learners find the time and funds to earn a degree without ever having to step on a campus. Forget about unnecessary fees and the high-cost of books, because at eVersity neither exists. Just high-quality online coursework with engaging content to keep you focused on finishing what you once started to earn your degree.

Not enough time? We thought about that, too. Students take just one online class at a time in six-week increments and then move on to the next one, earning credentials, certificates and associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as they progress.

In-demand degree plans include business, healthcare management, information technology, criminal justice and university studies. Put those previous credits back to work for you and finish your degree online with the University of Arkansas System eVersity.

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