• Rethink College

    With quick enrollment, textbooks at no charge, and one-to-one guidance, eVersity puts you within reach of a career-ready, accredited degree from the University of Arkansas System. Are you ready to rethink college?

  • Rethink Tuition

    At only $165 per credit hour, eVersity puts your degree within reach.

  • Rethink Extra Fees

    With no cost to apply and no charge for textbooks, you have every reason to say “Yes!” to your eVersity college degree.

  • Rethink Back-to-School

    With 7 start dates per year, fall isn’t the only season to start — or restart — your degree.

3 Easy Steps to Help You Get a College Degree

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University of Arkansas System

Arkansas's only 100% online college from the University of Arkansas System, eVersity is an independent university that offers career-ready degrees taught by University of Arkansas System faculty.

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