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Cintas Sews Up Educational Needs with eVersity Alliance

As president of the Central Arkansas Human Resource Association (CAHRA), Tanner Chapman crossed paths with the state’

City of Bryant Sees a Bright Future

It didn’t take long for the City of Bryant to recognize the power of education in making communities healthier, happi

Family Matters: Education in the Home Boosted with Partnership

Educated households equate to stronger families and communities, which is what led the University of Arkansas System

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What’s Inside This Cabin Will Change Your Life

How does a quaint, drafty, mid-19th century log cabin nestled into one of Little Rock’s oldest neighborhoods hold the

Wash. Co. Sheriff's Office Sees eVersity Benefits

Would you like to empower your employees and your organization?

Class 101 Views eVersity Alliance as Student Success Tool

While the majority of University of Arkansas System eVersity’s enrollment consists of working adults who have already

U.S. Pizza Co. Knows eVersity Can Deliver

The U.S.

Chris Dickie, director of employer relations and community outreach at eVersity

eVersity Extends Helping Hand to Our House

While seeking employers that the University of Arkansas System eVersity can help provide online educational

eVersity Wins International Distance Learning Award

LITTLE ROCK, AR (May 10, 2016) - A cutting-edge online learning collaboration between the University of Arkansas Syst

University of Arkansas System faculty and representatives are invited to learn and share experiences related to open educational resources (OER) at an April 8 symposium hosted by the UA System’s new 100 percent-online eVersity.

eVersity to Host OER Symposium April 8 in Little Rock

Want to share experiences and learn more about open educational resources (OER)? The experts at the UA System eVersity have you covered April 8. 

Adam Peterson, senior instructional designer at eVersity, and his team are changing the way online courses are delivered.

Instructional Designers Creating an Online Experience for Students

Building the state's only 100 percent-online university from the ground up has allowed the University of Arkansas System eVersity to rethink the way courses are presented. 

Michael Moore, eVersity Chief Academic and Operating Officer

Education a Key to Healthy Communities

Michael Moore, Ph.D., chief academic and operating officer of the University of Arkansas System eVersity, told a large crowd of city officials and guests at the Arkansas Municipal League’s annual Fall Conference that education lifts communities. 

Michael Moore, eVersity Chief Academic and Operating Officer

Are you ready to rethink college?

The University of Arkansas System will soon launch Arkansas' first entirely online education — eVersity.

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