The Mission of eVersity is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable, online education relevant to the modern workplace. Qualified faculty develop and deliver rigorous certificate and degree programs that utilize rich data analytics to enhance student success and achievement. We are committed to continual improvement of the craft of teaching through practice and scholarship and to serving our public communities by providing timely, interesting, and useful educational material. eVersity is supported by the following Vision, Core Values, and Objectives:


The University of Arkansas System eVersity seeks to achieve its mission by optimizing online learning for adults by:

  • Preparing students to complete their goals by assisting them to mount their efforts on a personal strategies framework;
  • Reducing the administrative work generally required of students to attend and complete college, thus freeing them to focus their efforts on learning;  
  • Reducing the cost of education by using open educational resources, whenever possible;
  • Linking students to technology and learning resources through community mapping;
  • Providing proactive, individualized academic support based on student learning analytics;
  • Nudging students to higher levels of academic achievement based on individual performance data and progress measures;
  • Continually improving teaching and learning through innovative practice, shared scholarship, and service that engages faculty, students, and the community.

Core Values

In support of its mission and vision, the University of Arkansas System eVersity is committed to the following core values: 

  • High Quality Education. Faculty from across the University of Arkansas System set learning expectations, develop the courses, and teach the classes at the same high level as they do on campus. And, eVersity provides 100 percent online support needed by students to succeed. 
  • Accessible. Students have access to their courses 24/7, courses last just six weeks, and can be completed 100 percent online. As students move from one degree credential to the next, they do so without losing any credits and with the full support of our skilled academic support staff. 
  • Affordable. Our cost of attendance is considerably less than that of most universities without the hidden fees. Since delivery and support are 100 percent online, students don’t pay for health services, campus police, manicured grounds, and athletic fields. Tuition covers the cost of course instruction and academic support services designed specifically for online learners. In addition, courses make use of open Education Resources (OER), where possible, to eliminate the expense of textbooks. 
  • Relevant. We offer high-demand, workplace-relevant degrees that deliver the skills employers require for students to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. 


The University of Arkansas System eVersity believes that quality higher education should begin with the end goal in mind — to graduate students prepared for the modern workplace and equipped with personal strategies that will support their continued learning and success. We aim to reduce administrative obstacles that have proven to be barriers to adult degree completion; to provide proactive assistance, convenient resources, and appropriate encouragement shown to improve adult persistence; and to share what we know and learn with the higher education community. In support of its mission and vision, eVersity’s institutional objectives are to: 

  • Offer curriculum designed to meet the needs of employers and promote the development of analytical skills and core competencies needed for employability in the modern workplace.
  • Reduce barriers that deter students from enrolling and inhibit completion by simplifying administrative functions and maintaining low tuition to promote student enrollment and continued persistence.
  • Deliver instruction configured in flexible, six-week learning modules taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of teaching and learning through innovative practice, shared scholarship, and academic support that engages other faculty, students, and the community.
  • Link students to academic and support resources using an online learning platform that allows students and faculty to collaboratively develop a personal success strategies framework designed to focus students on achieving their educational goals.
  • Nudge students to demonstrate high levels of achievement using a proactive support system based on regularly monitored student performance data and progress measures.
  • Contribute to the evolution of higher education delivery through development, demonstration, and sharing of innovative practices that work.

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